Ace Operator is an open-source project hosted by Source Forge. You can download all releases of Ace Operator from the Sourceforge download site. Please make sure that you have read the License terms of use before downloading the software.

A few words about the versions and distributions:

  •   All Ace Operator releases have a version number that follows the convention M.m.b where M is the major version number, m is the minor version number and b is a bugfix version number. The major version changes when we make a major changes to the software and is no longer compatible with the previous major version. This includes rewriting large parts of the software, using different technologies, etc. When we add a new feature, the minor version number is incremented. When bugs are fixed but no new features are added, the bugfix version number is incremented.
  • When we release a new version of Ace Operator, we normally release a stable version but sometimes we release a preview or a beta version. In that case, we add a “b” at the end of the version number. If there is no letter suffix, you can assume that it is a stable release.
  •  We normally provide the release in source and binary distributions.  The binary distribution only includes executable images, configuration files and documentation and is used for installing Ace Operator runtime. The source distribution includes the source code and is used by developers to develop and build the software.
  • You can also access the source code from the Ace Operator Subversion repository. For more details, click on this link. The trunk of the Subversion repository  contains the latest changes to the source code and may not always be stable. The stable releases are located under the labels folder in the repository.
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