We have documented the workings of Ace Operator using blogs. The documentation covers most aspects of using Ace Operator including downloading, installing, setting up and administering Ace Operator V.2. In this page, we provide some of the Links that you may find useful.

First, read the Core Concepts. This is a really important piece of information that you need for using Ace Operator.

To learn more about Ace Operator features, read the blogs on the Features.

Please make sure that you are using Ace Operator legally by reading the blog on License.

Downloading and Installing
Information on versions and how to download the software is provided in the Download page. The instructions for installation are provided in the Installation blog.

Configuration, Customization and Operations
To configure the system, read the Configuration blog. This blog covers most of the basic operations that you need to setup Ace Operator and perform routine operations. Once you are familiar with the basic configuration and want to perform advanced configuration and customization, read the Customization blog to find out more.

For operator wanting to learn about how to use the chat application,  read the User Guide.

Software Development
Read the Developer Blogs to get an insight into the Ace Operator software.

Hosted Solution
If you want to try out our hosted solution instead of downloading, installing and managing Ace Operator, read my blog on our Hosted Solution.

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