Ace Operator 2.0.0 Released

Next generation release of the already well-established open-source Ace Operator (V.1) application. Many massive changes have been made including a brand new user interface, new communication protocol, support for mobile devices among other things.

September 1, 2012.

We are pleased to announce the release of Ace Operator 2.0.0 (V.2). Ace Operator V.2 is a stable software that has been running in our hosted environment for more than six months. This releaseĀ  is a result of years of requests from the user community to modernize the software. In this version, we have introduced a brand new user interface, added initial support for mobile devices, introduced a firewall and proxy friendly communications protocol, improved on the installation procedure and upgraded all the underlying technologies to use the latest and greatest. If you have used the earlier versions of Ace Operator, you will notice that the system looks, feels and behaves very differently. In spite all the changes, we have still retained the core software that handled the chat sessions and the user interface for system administrators because of its maturity and stability. What you get with Ace Operator V.2 is a stable software with modern look and feel. For the coming months and years, we have a great road map for the software with more features yet to come.

This release took us more than a year to build and we thank you for your patience. We also thank the user community for your persistent feedback that helped us create this new release.

If you have any questions on this release, please contact us by email

About Ace Operator
Ace Operator enables you to provide live interactive communication between your organizationā€™s representatives and visitors to your web site. For more details, visit the Ace Operator Community Site.

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