Ace Operator enables you to provide live interactive communication between your organization’s representatives (operators) and visitors to your web site (visitor).

At the click of a button, visitors to your web site can setup chat sessions with a pool of operators and get the help or the service they need. Operators can conference-in additional operators, transfer sessions to other operators and much more. Ace Operator is available in English, Dutch and Croatian languages. Ace Operator does not need any additional software/plugins to be installed in operators’ or visitors’ computer or browser.

Ace Operator (V.1) was developed in 2002 and is a mature free and open-source solution. It was developed using Java and a host of popular open-source technologies available at that time. We offered as Operator as a hosted service with customers around the world using it to provide support and help to online visitors.  After receiving many requests from users and our customers  to modernize the user interface, we undertook the development of Ace Operator V.2. While preserving the mature server-side core, the user interface has been completely rewritten using the latest HTML and Javascript technologies. The software has been deployed in our hosted environment since 2012 and is being used everyday. Ace Operator V.2 is a stable and a modern software. We have retired Ace Operator V.1 and do not support it any longer.

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  1. sreeraj1237 says:

    Is there any way to transfer file over ACE chat??? Any idea regarding this will highly appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance…

  2. takeshi90 says:

    what is Ace Operator use protocol? (xmpp,http,https…)

  3. becky says:

    Ace Operator uses https protocol.

  4. joredva says:

    Could someone please help me with the following:
    Ace 2.0 successfully installing on centos , I created a client for a simple scenario and I have added a group operator ‘operator group’.

    Join with the profile ‘default-operator’ all good then login with the profile ‘default-visitor’ income data
    Name, Email, mensagge, mesagge picture, and click on send and receive message The message has been successfully delivered

    I have no response from the operator and the operator also receives support request


  5. ramihailat says:

    I installed Ace Operator, but I noticed that the connection is closed suddenly, this cause the system to raise SQL exceptions, this is happened only in contactcenter application only and not the communicator, can you please advice with a solution ?

    • anniyanvr says:

      I am facing same issue when i installed both DB and container instance on same machine both communicator and operator login working fine with out connection drop. If i seperate the DB and container in different instance, communciator working fine but operator login frequently getting communication error – 500. Any configuration [https_config.xml] to check the frequent connection drop may be timeout properties. Any idea regarding this will highly appreciated.Thanks in advance.

      • amit says:

        I have not come across any MySQL connection issues remote or local. MySQL server have an inactivity timeout value where when a connection is inactive for a long time, the server drops the connection. The value for this timeout is configurable in the mysql.ini file. Please check the MySQL server documentation for details. In the Ace Operator code, there are checks for connection drops (and reopening the connection) for such scenarios. The only exception is log messages that get written to the database. The log4j db appender does not support this.

        Please continue the discussion in http://sourceforge.net/p/aceoperator/discussion/383958/ . The forum is more appropriate for discussion threads and more manageable. Thanks.

  6. sachingoyal01 says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can I use chat application on clustered environment? If yes, then kindly let me know how can we achieve this? I am using ACE 2.0


    • amit says:


      You cannot use the chat application in a clustered environment. We had looked into doing it but there is quite a bit of work involved and we do not have that much time. However, with a little bit of work, you can separate out the chat server from the database and the admin application. In our hosted environment, we do use a live and a backup server for addressing high availability concerns.

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